3 Reasons Why Having the Best UI Design Is Vital for Your App

A software application has numerous components. There are backend services that perform all the business logic. Databases store and retrieve information, and the client makes calls and manages the state of the UI. During the software development lifecycle, there tends to be a significant amount of time and thought that goes into these aspects of an application. However, equally important is how the app looks – its UI design. If an app doesn’t look good, sadly, it won’t be well-received.

Here are three reasons why you should focus on the best UI design (and user experience!) for your new application.

UI Design Impacts Revenue

The first reason for having a quality UI is apparent: it impacts the bottom line.

If your app is consumer-facing, you probably know the importance of UI. When people first launch your app, they’re going to judge its interface, and first impressions matter. If you have a slick app that looks good, people will notice and want to use it. More importantly, your app will have higher conversion rates – whether that’s in-app purchases, signups, or something else altogether. Conversely, if your app leaves a lot to be desired, users may stop using it and leave negative reviews.

If your app is internal, good UI still matters. The productivity of your employees relies, partly, on quality UI. If employees are constantly frustrated, that will invariably cause a loss of productivity and cost the company money.

UI Impacts Sentiment

This point is related to the one above, but it’s worth mentioning separately. Good UI will positively impact users’ sentiment towards your app. It’ll make them excited and happy to use it instead of dreading loading it up. Tasks will become effortless, and your app will receive glowing reviews – either external ones for a consumer app or even internal reviews from employees who appreciate the system making their day-to-day jobs better.

That positive sentiment will further guide your UI design. People will make suggestions, have ideas, and contribute to making your app even better. Having that positive sentiment is critical for success!

Having Quality UI Design Reduces Support Requests

When customers or employees are frustrated and have no idea how to use the app, they’ll likely reach out with support requests. For example, if Jane in accounting can’t enter a journal transaction because the UI is confusing, they’ll probably create a support ticket and want assistance.

These support tickets ultimately wind up costing the company money. They require someone to go in, investigate the issue, and figure out the best possible solution.

Clean apps that “just work” won’t have these same levels of support demands. The more that users can figure out, the fewer emails you’ll get asking how things work. That frees up development time and resources on something other than supporting a legacy system that people are unsure how to use!

Great UI Is Essential

Prioritizing UI is essential during the software development lifecycle to ensure that the end product looks and functions well for customers. If you don’t prioritize the experience, you could create something technically excellent, but nobody knows how to use it. No matter how good your product is, if people can’t use it, they won’t. That’s why UI is so essential to get right!

At INVID Group, we have extensive experience creating quality user interfaces and experiences for customers. If you would like to discuss your project with us to ensure it looks right, please contact us!

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