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Anthony Nitsos is the Founder and Lead Guru at SaaS Gurus, which provides Finance, Accounting, HR, Equity, Legal, and Admin best practices and systems for Founders and CEOs of SaaS Start-Ups in the Post Revenue, Pre-Seed to Pre-B phases of the investment.

Previously, he served as the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer at SkySync, the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer at LLamasoft, and the Senior Director of Finance and Accounting at Duo Security.

Besides SaaS Gurus, Anthony is also a Partner at Ascendeus. In this episode, he shares his experience helping SaaS companies scale quickly and set themselves up for success.

In this episode, we discuss managing ERP implementation, Saas Gurus, the science behind rapid scaling, and more exciting topics.

Managing ERP Implementation From a SaaS Guru Perspective

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Anthony was one of the first persons who started developing ERP. There was no training material, no data migration maps, and no piece of information they could use. So he had to bring one up live. In the beginning, he made many mistakes. But eventually, he developed the processes to make ERP as efficient as possible.

“If you frosted the glass, you got a job as an ERP consultant. I did more than frost the glass, so they made me the manager”.

What Is Saas Gurus?

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Anthony started SaaS Gurus to help SaaS CEOs and founders scale and succeed by giving them a state of art finance and stakeholder ecosystems. Besides finance, the company also focuses on HR, legal, sales Operations, equity, risk mitigation, and insurance.

“I like to joke that we’re the most loved CFOs in SaaS”.

The Science Behind Rapid Scaling

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The key to scaling is repeatability.

To scale, you need to enter your data once and ensure it becomes the source of truth from there forward. Then, develop a plan to connect all your tech solutions from the beginning.

“A single point of data entry is great. But you need to have a plan”.

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