Get better tab search and shortcuts with Omni

If you’re a fan of getting stuff done with keyboard shortcuts, check out Omni, a new Chrome and Firefox extension for quickly navigating by keyboard. (The Chrome version also works with other Chromium-based browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Brave.)

Once installed, press Ctrl+Shift+K (or Cmd+Shift+K on a Mac) to bring up Omni’s action bar, then start typing to search through all your open browser tabs. Selecting a tab from the list will take you straight to it.

But Omni doesn’t stop there. Typing /h in the action bar lets you search your browsing history, and typing /b searches your bookmarks. You can also type /a to see a master list of commands, including things like pinning a tab, creating a new Google Doc, or clearing your browser cache. Omni even helps you learn your browser’s built-in keyboard shortcuts by listing them in its search results.

I’ve previously recommended Hare for searching through browser tabs, and it still works well if a simple tab search tool is all you need. Chrome also has a built-in tab search tool, accessible by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A (or Cmd+Shift+A) on a Mac.

Still, I like that Omni packs more search tools and commands into one place, and it’s completely free with no sign-ins or creepy data collection.

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