Holiday Greetings from Radixweb with Future Venture and Flashback to 2021

There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves. – Eric Sevareid.

It’s December. The best days of the year are around the corner with celebrations like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and New Year. So, we can think of no better time than now to share this season’s greetings with everyone in the Radixweb community.

As they say, gratitude is like gravy that you can put on everything! So, we decided to look back on the year and pour out our appreciation for everyone who chose us amid these difficult times, whether as a leading software partner or as a workplace. Your support, enthusiasm, and presence – all of this makes our line of work a pleasure and keeps our IT venture alive. Without your commitment and passion, we would not be where we are now.

Here are this season’s warmest greetings to everyone! Whatever is meaningful, whatever is beautiful, and whatever brings you happiness – may it be yours in this holiday season and in the upcoming years.

A Quick Flashback to 2021 at the Dawn of Festivity

 Festival Flashback at Radixweb - 2021

The 2021 festive season has come upon us at a rather tricky time. Although the past two years made us all grieve in some way or the other, holiday celebrations can be invaluable opportunities to resurrect the relationship with the people we love and value; in our case, it’s our global clientele and gifted personnel.

While the Covid war propelled us to thrive in our business in 2021 (can be a frailer adversary of 2020), we are also prepared for a major disruptor in the future. We consciously have been making influential decisions and fostering our dynamic organizational culture to facilitate a smooth alteration to the next normal.

For the changing business needs and upgraded digital solutions, our leaders shifted their core focus on reshaping our business operations, reconsidering our processes, generating new revenue streams, and expediting the use of cutting-edge software solutions.

In the sage words of Mr. Dharmesh Acharya, COO of Radixweb,

It’s our business to anticipate the evolving needs and provide bespoke business solutions for our clients to usher in a digital tomorrow. We must not forget the past but rather take up the wisdom of the bygone days.

Social restrictions and work-from-home commands have not only changed the way we perceive productivity and efficiency but also how we cope with and mitigate the organizational challenges so that we can help our clients adapt to the new business norm throughout the year.

Although we have mastered the skill of virtual communication with our overseas clients for a great many projects, such global disruption required us to safeguard our own team as well. From implementing iterative changes within our ecosystem to hinging the corporate headquarter Ekyarth, our leaders and technocrats dealt with the adverse situation as a standard operative process.

The successful establishment of a healthy balance between the new market demands and the revised skills of our workforce is a glaring instance of our caliber as a leading offshore software development company. We have effectively recognized ourselves as a human talent capital and underlined the significance of 3 Ps –

  • Purpose – Creating a neo-modern workspace and healthy work-life balance for our employees.
  • Potential – Identifying employee potential and setting achievable goals.
  • Perspective – Modifying business strategy for the transition to a digital future.

And such progressive endeavors helped us get certified by Great Place to Work® in 2021. The cornerstone of our two-decade-long development system is the people-first approach, and getting global recognition for our employee-centered initiatives is another jewel to Radixweb’s crown. Accordingly, what we started in 2000 with 10+ people came a long way and evolved into a family of 500+ specialists in 2021. The journey is, indeed, quite transformational!

In a world where people are still skeptical about IT investments at such unsettling times, Radixweb has risen as a trusted offshore partner by empowering our people with high-end tools and resources. By doing so, we are able to impeccably deliver top-notch custom software solutions and enable businesses to stay ahead of the industrial competition.

And at long last, we persuasively made our way into the Clutch Global 1000 in 2021, representing the top 1% of all the companies listed on the platform. This achievement is certainly a testament to our tech prowess.

Approaching a More Promising Future in the Upcoming Year


Behind all the glory and fame lies our determination to deliver sustainable tech solutions in a changing landscape. Undoubtedly, the emergence of the global pandemic has augmented our capacity to support the critical business needs of our clients.

Hence, we wanted to strike the right tone in this festive season to make an appreciation for our team and clients. By signaling our token of gratitude at the end of a challenging year, here’s our little attempt to acknowledge the individual contribution that our clients and employees have made.

Mr. Divyesh Patel, the kingpin of Radixweb, quoted:

The present-day IT environment is full of challenges, and Covid-19 acted as a catalyst here. But we must not be crippled by disruptions and should focus on what’s lying ahead. So, at this festive time of the year, let’s take a moment to thank you all for your genuine zeal and dedication to our company. Happy Holidays everyone!

To Conclude

Success comes from taking risks and chances, from a value-based commitment with the best thought-out plans and intentions. Such ingenuity and dynamism not only helped Radixians vigorously tackle the past but assemble for the forthcoming days as well.

This festive season will be a great trial for organizations across different industries. With our ramped-up workforce, we can help you get a holistic way of looking at the entirety of your business and accomplishing your goals. Here’s offering you an exclusive opportunity to grow your career with us!

Our tech-geeks are ready with their future-proof gears and gadgets to reach new heights in the new year and deliver world-class software development services. Let’s talk about your next project, shall we?

Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.
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