How to write a good application for Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for

Get real

Jargon won’t win you any awards. Some applications read as if they were written to appeal primarily to an internal company audience. Use clear language to describe your innovation programs. We’re looking for companies that do more than just talk the talk.

Be current

Focus on a recent or ongoing example. We’re looking for current hotbeds of innovation, organizations that are working to sustain a creative culture and aren’t resting on the laurels of a handful of breakthroughs a decade ago.

Be specific

We’re looking to honor companies that are accomplishing real innovation, not merely laying the groundwork for future breakthroughs. In other words, real projects with tangible results.

Be precise

We want details. Who did what when and how? How’d the idea come about? What initial hurdles needed to be overcome? How big was the team? How long did it take? How much investment was required?

Emphasize outcomes

Tell us exactly what was accomplished and what it means. What are the impacts or implications for the company, the industry, the broader world?

Be democratic

Your big idea may have originated in the C-suite or with an intern, but (full disclosure) we’re a bit biased toward ideas that come from the bottom up, from unexpected sources, because a) they’re more surprising and make for better stories, and b) they are more indicative of a pervasive culture of innovation that rewards exploration at all levels. That said, wherever the idea originated, the emphasis should be on the quality of the innovation, the rigor with which it was pursued, and the inclusivity of the effort to bring the idea to fruition.

Tell a story

Exhaustive lists of initiatives are boring. Pick a project that seems most emblematic of your own particular culture of innovation and tell the story. (See Be precise and Be democratic above.) You can always include at the end of your example a quick list of other significant recent efforts that have benefited from the same culture.

Apply now!

The application deadline is March 18, but apply before February 25 to qualify for the early rate.

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