Optimize E-Commerce Images with AI to Maximize Conversion

Managing the digital shelf is an immense challenge. For e-commerce marketers who manage hundreds, if not thousands, of SKUs, correcting content issues is certainly time-consuming, or as Adam Sandler at Bountiful Company put it, “Keeping our content fresh, relevant, and compliant is a huge, ongoing challenge.” Yet it is also incredibly important because optimized e-commerce content correlates directly with higher conversion rates (over 50%!).

Much e-commerce team attention centers around managing for compliance, and not on ensuring that content is optimized to engage consumers. Images, the most important type of content (because humans are visual shoppers), are often suboptimal because existing testing methods like A/B tests can be impractical and/or risky. Many brands nowadays ensure their images follow retailer or industry guidelines and hope for the best; they don’t have time to test and therefore have no way of knowing for certain if their images drive conversion.

It is expected that e-commerce sales in the US alone will cross $1 trillion in 2022. This sharp increase is certainly emphasized by the pandemic but it is also an inevitability. With this rapid growth – and new challengers constantly entering the digital marketplace – brands can no longer afford to not optimize their images.

As the world’s market leaders in visual asset insights, we at Behaviorally decided to take on this challenge.

We developed Flash.PDP™, an AI-powered platform that provides brands with accurate and instant e-commerce image evaluations. Flash.PDP automatically assesses thousands of PDP images and in seconds identifies top performers and deficient images, enabling brands to easily learn, plan, and optimize. Flash.PDP was developed with leading FMCG companies around the world, leverages the industry’s largest behavioral database, and applies cutting-edge image recognition AI. In building directly with pioneer clients and ensuring an unmet need was solved, we were able to prove the ROI with accuracy levels reaching 90%, and in one study, we replicated Amazon Sales in an instant.

Accuracy is a critical part of the equation, but so is speed. E-commerce is a fast-paced and dynamic environment. To stay ahead of the pack, e-commerce teams need to optimize images quickly and regularly. That’s why Flash.PDP is an AI-based SaaS platform that seamlessly fits into existing e-commerce team workflows, empowering them to generate stronger imagery.

E-commerce marketers now have a first-of-its-kind solution to evaluate e-commerce images that is accurate and seamless. Ongoing optimization of e-commerce images is now possible thanks to Flash.PDP, meaning brands can regularly improve their conversion rates by over 50%!

To get your free demo of the eFluence Flash.PDP platform, visit the eFluence website or contact us today.

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