Radixians Heralds The Festival of Lights

The festival of Diwali has a special place in all our hearts. The excitement of decorating the place, eating delicious sweets, and flaunting new clothes and attires are just a few of the many perks of this festival. Therefore, at Radixweb, we didn’t want to miss out on this occasion to celebrate. That’s why we Radixians, decided to celebrate Diwali with a new style.

Radixweb was once again flooded with bright colours, artworks (rangolis), amazing decoration, and Indian traditions. Diwali 2021 brought a lot of joy, happiness, and celebration at Radixweb. Pssst… we have “Great news” about a recent accolade, but right now, celebrating Diwali wholeheartedly is what we are focusing on. The pre-Diwali celebrations at Radixweb have been a high-adrenaline rollercoaster. Read on for an exclusive scoop on all the Diwali adventures at Radixweb as we amp up our exemplary work-life balance and people centric culture.

We decked our beloved HQ up with lights, diyas, and lots of color so that when people see us from outside, they were charmed by our beauty.

Check out our happy and festive souls in this exclusive corporate video

Lightings First

The lightings were done in a manner that only Radixians could. Glittering and shimmering to make our ‘Ekyarth’ shine bright like a diamond!

The interiors and exteriors were decked with golden lights and diyas to keep the light of creativity burning in all.

The day ended with a beautifully decorated office that could neither be described in words nor be captured in pictures but can only be experienced.

Party Favors and Rangoli Makers

Diwali 2021 is a star-studded affair where we Radixians, got a chance to let go and follow the rhythm of the moment at our shiny new office, Ekyarth. It was a time where we celebrated as a team and as individuals, allowing ourselves to get lost in the festive spirit that spread all around us.

Radixians Celebrated Diwali 2021

As Diwali fever began catching on, the atmosphere was buzzing with an electric sense of shared pride, accomplishment, and enthusiasm to recreate our consistent successes in the year to come and celebrate the festival of lights.

From the eclectic colors of our traditional attire to photo sessions that didn’t miss a single smile, the festivities were replete with loads of fun, food, and most importantly, an underlying sense of oneness, an embodiment of who we are and what we stand for.

While we had our Radixians crafting breathtakingly intricate Rangolis, others admired the beautiful decorations Radixweb stood adorned with.

The Rangoli competition began at 11 in the morning which lasted until 1 in the afternoon. We Radixians, participated with utmost enthusiasm in showcasing our creativity while designing the rangolis.

Rangoli Decoration During Diwali 2021 At Radixweb

Talking about the Rangoli design, coders displayed their creativity creating rangolis themed as .net or our Logo.

Some also created peacock-themed rangolis to showcase their creativity while making them. Thereafter, we were treated with sweets and delicacies to keep the festive spirit high. Keeping the festive spirit intact, we captured the memories of the day with selfies and quick videos to keep our beliefs clear – in the spirit of Oneness to ensure happiness, prosperity, and joy for all is part of our culture.

There was another Rangoli competition that took place at 5 pm. We Radixians, didn’t fail to disappoint.

We got our creative wands together and created rangolis that showcased our coding prowess and our creativity simultaneously.

Leader Bytes

Leaders of Radixweb


“At its core, our Diwali celebrations are a salute to those who have made Radixweb a resounding success, our beloved Radixians.”, stated Mr. Dharmesh Acharya, our COO. “The intention behind our Diwali celebrations is to give back to our people, let them know that they are truly and genuinely valued and that it is because of their efforts and dedication that we have reached this coveted position. From the very bottom of my heart, I wish everyone a Happy, Prosperous, and Safe Diwali.”

VP Sales-

Looking dapper at the gala, Mr. Partik Mistry, VP, Sales, at Radixweb, was all smiles. “Diwali is a special day for everyone, and yet every day at Radixweb is an adventure and brings new challenges to overcome.

The fact that my team equates personal success with Radixweb’s success is an emotion that has been nurtured by the fact that Radixweb’s leadership cares about and values every employee across hierarchies. Stay Amazing, Radixians and have a very Happy Diwali!”

Head on to view the glimpse of extraordinary celebrations of enthusiast Radixians:

Head of Operations-

As the day went on, our head of operations, Mr. Varix Patel, shelled out some wisdom. “I believe in the adage that a company is its people. If the people are not happy and satisfied, they will not be optimally productive. The vicious cycle of overbearing management and overworked employees producing sub-optimal outputs is something we have done away at Radixweb, right from its conception two decades ago. Which why my people can rest comfy on their accolades and revel in the festive spirit of Diwali.

Here, we make it a point to ensure that every Radixian is empowered with the right tools, infrastructure, managerial support, and team inclusion. When they get up in the morning to come to the office, there is a spring in their step and a sparkle in their eyes. The buzz you see this Diwali season reflects how every Radixian feels about being part of the Radixweb family. May this Diwali fill our lives with new hopes for the future and new dreams for tomorrow. With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Diwali.”

Welcoming Light into Our Hearts, Homes, and Workspaces

Radixweb Sculpture

At Radixweb, there is a consistent underlying vibe of strong camaraderie and a shared drive to excel. This forms the power source of the company, resulting in market leader status and the top 1% of employees in terms of skillsets and capabilities. Our Diwali celebration is an ode to the victory of light over darkness and the dedication of our team members as we rapidly scale the ladder of success.

As Radixians, we realize that even though everything is new and different in 2021, one thing never changed – Radixweb’s commitment to putting employees and customers first while delivering continuous innovation. Whether identified in silos of customers, employees, or partners, we at Radixweb know that our people are the lifeblood of our organization and the fuel that powers our consistent successes and the exclusive quality of life at Radixweb.

So, let us come together and welcome light into our hearts, homes, and workplaces. This is the true ethos of Diwali that heralds the coming of a new age full of success, accomplishment, and building business prominence for Radixweb and our people.

A long-time comic book and movie buff, Nishan enjoys researching the latest technology trends, while reveling in how close the world of today has come to the utopias depicted in science-fiction. With a drive to create value in everything he does and being more of a ‘doer’ than a ‘thinker’, Nishan champions the power of the written word in an age of multimedia. At Radixweb, Nishan works as part of the Digital marketing and branding team. Pro-tip: He loves animals, so you can always chat him up over a cup of chai with tales of your furry friends.

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