Radixweb Recognised As Great Place to Work® Certified Company

Radixweb, a world leader in the sphere of custom software development, has recently received the coveted title of a ‘Great Place To Work®’. As Radixweb keeps pace with the velocity of change the IT sector is witnessing, Radixian influencers speak about the culture fostered at Radixweb that makes their employees’ workday productive as well as rewarding.

Radixweb was recently awarded the title of a ‘Great Place to Work’ by the Great Place To Work® Institute. GPTW uses a unique employee-centric framework that measures trust, pride, and camaraderie prevalent in an organization. Thus, the objective assessment of an organization’s people practices and employee experiences helps identify the best workplaces in the country.

Speaking from his desk at Radixweb’s HQ, Ekyarth, Mr. Divyesh Patel, CEO at Radixweb, shares that Radixweb’s journey to the echelon it currently inhabits was not all fun and games. “Googlers praise the free meals Google serves. Employees at Quicken Loans love the fact that their office has an arcade game station. The treadmill desks at Salesforce.com went viral. But when we think about what constitutes a great place to work, our focus is not merely restricted to the perks and benefits that make workdays more fun and enhance employee comfort, experiences and productivity. Upon deeper analysis, perks and benefits are revealed as only a fraction of what makes an organization a great place to work. It is the underlying culture of an organization that dictates its direction.”

Radixweb has established its position as an industry leader in the Software Development Outsourcing industry in the last two decades. Despite the market changes in recent years, this organization has aided businesses to keep flourishing by analyzing market demands, establishing new capabilities, and uncovering new opportunities. Such proactiveness has helped the company grow from a tech start-up in 2000 to a world-class tech leader, backed by more than 500 employees for disruptive technology solutions.

Radixweb is a digital pioneer with over 2900 satisfied clients distributed around the globe. As a torchbearer in the IT space, Radixweb is always upscaling to keep up with the ever-changing market requirements and facilitate digital transformation projects.

“Being a great place to work is not an easy task to accomplish. At Radixweb, we understand that building and maintaining a great place to work requires leadership that is deeply committed to the organization and has the bandwidth to devote the required time and attention to the company, and that too not on–occasion, but on a consistent and quotidian basis.”

Mr. Patel shares that having a long-term view of business results and cultivating meaningful relationships not just with its clients but within internal teams is key to creating a work experience that is authentic and rewarding for everyone involved.

“When we built Radixweb from the ground up, we had a clear vision of what we wished to achieve, both internally and externally,” says Mr. Dharmesh Acharya, COO at Radixweb. “We have strived to build a deeply intentional, people-centric culture where our people are not just compensated but rewarded and recognized for the effort that they put in.”

Mr. Acharya states that the foundation of a great workplace is its ability to foster a culture of trust and engagement, and inclusion that brings the management and the workforce to a common ground where the definition of business success flows over to levels of employee happiness, physical and psychological wellbeing and commitment to a shared objective of delivering brilliance in every task undertaken. “We have a clear vision of the kind of employer we want to be and want our people to feel more than compensated employees but colleagues dedicated and invested in our company’s success,” says Mr. Acharya. “We would like to dedicate the award of being named as a Great Place To Work to our people as they are the lifeblood of Radixweb, the wind beneath our wings.”

Radixweb celebrates the importance of building trust and unity across hierarchies where every employee is ‘all in’ when completing a task.

“The results of building a workplace that employees look forward to coming to is more than just a feel-good HR exercise,” states Mr. Pratik Mistry, VP Sales at Radixweb. “An engaged and motivated workforce can do wonders for a company’s bottom line. Our exceptional business results owe a lot to the effort our workforce puts in.” Mr. Mistry says that from the time he joined Radixweb fifteen years ago, he has believed that Radixweb’s strong culture gives the company a strategic advantage.

“It’s all about transparency,” says Mr. Mistry. “We tell our people everything about what’s going on everywhere in the company. Thanks to our transparent approach, the trust that we have garnered has built an ethos of ownership in our workforce. Our people are not employees, they are knowledge workers, and we do everything to attract and retain the right people as they are the fuel that powers our value proposition.”

Mr. Mistry shares that the company’s culture is not just a recruiting asset but a sorting hat of sorts that helps them identify, recruit and redirect the right talent to the right niche resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency levels. “At Radixweb, every employee understands our mission and values and is an active contributor to the elevation of our culture. As the dynamics of a workforce change, as a company grows, and as businesses navigate evolving market scenarios, a great employer needs to keep a close eye on the sanctity of its culture while relying on the strength of its people quotient.”

“A great place to work should have a culture that fosters equality, diversity, and inclusion across racial and gender stereotypes without making even the most microscopic compromise when it comes to final delivery.” Says Miss Sarrah Pitaliya, Head of Digital Marketing at Radixweb. “Our consistent success is because of the trust, communication, and transparency we engender at every hierarchical level, and we never stop thinking about how we can enhance our value proposition as a market-leading development partner.”

As the market wakes to a need for trust and engagement in the foundational fabric of a successful organization, Radixweb stands armed with a crystalline view of where they are, where they want to be and how to get there.

So what makes Radixweb’s culture great?

The primary factors that have built Radixweb into a leading name in the IT sector and a top-of-the-crop employer are its values of trust and engagement. Both these notions are deeply embedded in every atom of the organizational structure and flow both ways.

Employees trust their leaders, and leaders trust their employees. Employees know that their leaders have their backs and always make decisions that enhance productivity and relevancy with optimal usage of their capabilities. On the other hand, leaders at Radixweb know that their teams will put the organization’s needs at the forefront in all their business interactions with customers, vendors, and partners.

Crystal clear communication about the organization’s goals and successes helps push decision-making downward, resulting in highly productive and empowered employees, making Radixweb a Great Place To Work.

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