Ruchi Patel Sharing her Work Experience at Radixweb

For any human dedicating 3650+ days to an organization means a lot. But for Ruchi, at Radixweb, it’s just a new day with new opportunities.

In a career spanning 10+ years, Ruchi Patel, Technical Lead, at Radixweb has shaped the success of both her career and the organization. During her childhood days, Ruchi was not much into technology. But being a nature lover, she realized that physical papers could be replaced with digital technology, and many manual tasks could be automated.

Growing up in Ahmedabad, she imbibed the love for technology from her father’s passion for computers. At the age of 16, she developed her first app in .NET; since then, Ruchi never looked back and continued her passion for coding. Let’s hear from Ruchi about her experience with Radixweb and her love for technology in this post. Here are a few questions that we asked her:

What made you choose Radixweb over others?

Being a resident of the tier-1 city, there are plenty of IT companies all around. But when I came for the interview at Radixweb, the vibe was totally different. I felt like, how can a workplace and people be so cool and friendly.

Back then (11 years ago), Radix had offices located at different locations, and on the first day of the interview, I mistakenly went to the other office where the HR department was not situated. I was already nervous for the interview, and this incident made me more tense. But the Radixians at that office calmed me down and helped me to reach the correct location.

As they say, the first impression matters the most, and this was my first interaction with the people of Radixweb – and I must say that they have been very supportive since day one.

What’s your role at Radixweb?

Role of Ruchi Patel at Radixweb

I’m the Project Lead for multiple clients across the globe. My work often comes to life through .NET – where I share practical insights and tips to help clients reach their business goals rapidly.

I’m responsible for ensuring that the projects are aligned with the requirements shared by the clients. Looking to every module and checking if anything can be further optimized falls under my role. I also take care to successfully deliver the final version of the project to the client.

How did you get to your current role?

Throughout my ten-plus-year IT career, I’ve had a variety of positions. I started my career as a Software Engineer and got promoted to Sr. Software Engineer and then Project Lead.

During the journey, I acquired different skills, which included leading large-scale enterprise application development teams across multiple time zones and languages. Managing teams, communicating and negotiating with clients, and eventually handling a large-scale software development team.

Working directly with founders and assisting them in overcoming their most pressing business challenges is where I thrive the most.

Can you tell us about accommodations at Radixweb for your work?

I’m a working mother with a 5-year-old kid. And I must say, at Radixweb, every individual, not only working mothers/fathers, even freshers and trainees, get the perfect work-life balance.

During my pregnancy days, I was even offered work from the home facility and maternity leave. After resuming my work from the leave, I was warmly welcomed by the team and got my leadership position back. This gesture by the organization showcases that they do care for the employee’s health and well-being.

Last year we shifted to our new infrastructure “Ekyarth”. This new corporate house is equipped with top-class amenities that ensure a better employee experience and comfort during work hours.

Can you share an instance that you love the most about Radixweb?

The whole journey is fantastic full of learning, growing, and nurturing my skills. When I joined Radixweb, our team was less than 100, the number has crossed 500+ workforces and constantly growing. In between, I got a chance to work with many colleagues and leaders with different skills.

Working with the organization’s leaders itself is truly a great experience – you learn and explore many things. It’s a prestigious feeling to work with smart people around you. At every step, I learned new things and got plenty of opportunities to develop my skills.

As mentioned in the previous answer, every Radixians are very supportive whenever you get stuck with anything. Not only my peers, but the management and leaders are also very helpful and listen to small things that matter.

Radixweb is really a great place to work, where anyone can talk freely about opportunities and their viewpoints.

What advice would you give to aspiring Radixians?

Try to think differently and out of the box. Every problem has several ways to crack them, but working with the smartest ways makes you standout. At Radixweb, we believe in nothing but the bes. Whether it’s about client satisfaction or ensuring a vibrant work culture, Radixweb never fails.

So, to all the aspiring Radixians, I’d say develop a problem-solving attitude instead of complaining about the problem. Challenges are part of our everyday life. Every new challenge brings new opportunities to hone our skillsets.

And, yes, being associated with Radixweb for more than 10 years, I can say it is indeed a great workplace. Whether you are an experienced individual or a fresher seeking for a new opportunity – Radixweb can help you shape your career path, just like it did mine.

Abhishek is a listener who speaks less and writes more. You will find him researching stuff related to technology and custom software development. If given a choice, he will choose Pizza over anything. He’s connected with Radixweb and loves curating content and marketing campaigns. He has stage fear thus prefers “Stealth-mode” conversation.
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