The Biggest Challenges Facing Millennials Going into 2022 and Beyond

In December 2021, HubUX launched a quantitative and qualitative study among our panel with the main focus on what we are thankful for today and our biggest concerns for tomorrow.

This research was recruited through our panel that has participants were vetted via video auditions. Additional participants were sourced using social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. All research was handled internally by HubUX.

Overall, Millennials are happy!

Based on our research, happiness goes up with age. Millennials are happier than Gen Z but less happy than Gen X or their Boomer Parents.


Millennials are facing a lot of change in the middle of their career and family. Like all generations, their lives were upended with the Shelter-In-Place mandate. Over the last 18 months, they have created a totally new set of routines and support structures.

Today, many companies are requiring employees to return to the office either part-time or full-time. The transition back into office work is making Millennials rethink their lives.

What drives Millennial happiness?

Based on our driver analysis, Millennials’ happiness is largely driven by concerns around managing their career and the subsequent down-chain impact their finances have on their security, housing, and leisure options.

happiness graph



Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself what Millennials in our study said are their biggest concerns going into 2022…


Managing a career along with family obligations is a key concern.


Concerns around Covid-19 safety were a regular mention by participants.

Is it safe to go back to work? Who should I believe? In many cases, this uncertainty is the basis for not going back to work in an office.


Cost control is something Millennials are actively doing.

They saved a lot of money in 2021 and they want to ensure they are being financially responsible in the “post”-Covid normal.


Career transition is a reoccurring theme.

What is the impact?

At the onset of Covid-19, Millennials were forced to work from home. They were very reactionary and just trudged through it.

Today, they are being thoughtful about what their new normal will be and the tradeoffs they are willing to make relative to their families, their leisure time, their careers, and their overall happiness.


If you are trying to capture the hearts and minds of Millennials, here is what they are concerned about going into 2022:

  1. Career advancement
  2. Bills and savings
  3. Increased parenting responsibility
  4. Returning to work in the office

If you would like to learn more about how to effectively reach Millennials, you can find me on any social platform or email me directly.

Happy Researching! 😊

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