Things You Need To Know About Planning for a Web Application

Developing a web application is significantly more complex than it used to be. Ten or twenty years ago, coding for the web typically involved putting together some HTML, CSS, and maybe some light JavaScript, and uploading those files to a host. Now, developing an application for the web is significantly more labor-intensive and requires careful planning and thought. Without that initial investigation, you’ll typically find the project costs more and hits more wrong turns.

Therefore, if you want the smoothest development process possible, here’s what you need to know about planning your web application’s development!

Know the Scope of Your Web Application

First, you’ll need to figure out your target audience and the devices you’ll support, as this will significantly influence your overall design and approach to coding your web app. For example, a web app targeting 20-somethings living in New York City will be much different than an app targeting older adults in Jackson, Tennessee. The first group will likely have faster internet speeds and use mobile devices. The latter group may be more likely to use a desktop and have slower internet connections.

Knowing this will also help guide your overall architecture. An app that needs mobile, tablet, and desktop functionality, complete with responding to thousands of requests per second, will be more complex than a simple desktop app that gets 10-20 users per day.

Figure Out the Minimum Viable Product

You’ll want a proof-of-concept to make sure your web application idea works. In software, this proof-of-concept is called the minimum viable product. It is the first version of your web app that includes core functionality in a usable manner.

After you determine your app’s scope, you’ll want to choose the MVP then. Your North Star dream might be the app serving thousands of users per day that runs on mobile, tablet, and desktop, but your MVP might start with a mobile site that can handle 10-20 requests. That way, you can release something to the public and begin to gather initial feedback!

Consider the Tech Stack

During the planning phase, you’ll also want to consider the tech stack. Will this site use Microsoft technologies, open-source technologies (Microsoft also releases a lot of open-source software now!), or something else that’s completely proprietary?

Choosing the right tech stack is essential to ensure you get the development pace you want and the performance you need. While a custom C++ web server that returns your pages instantaneously might be the fastest for your users, the development of such a project would be painfully slow and cost-prohibitive. Conversely, using a scripted language might be ultra-fast for development, but it might not have the performance-at-scale that you want.

Pick the tech stack that will suit your application’s expected scope and will also work with your budget!

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