Validating Advertising Campaigns During a Tumultuous Year

To address our client’s needs, Suzy’s always-on solution provided the insurer with the ability to reach their exact segments, including (but not limited to) sports fans, competitor customers, homeowners, insurance owners, vehicle owners, and others.

Through Suzy’s proprietary consumer network, we were able to offer the client a large cohort of verified members that provide high-quality responses, with the quality of our audience routinely maintained. Our client could find consumers of competitive brands and perform demographic targeting, as well as layer on custom targeting.

The Suzy platform automates steps in the market research process and this allows brands more time for faster insights and improved innovation. The client used this agility to field surveys to targeted audiences at an unparalleled speed – they could ask a single question or launch a full study in minutes. The client was then able to get opinions within just a few hours about the general appeal of their advertising spots, how entertained audiences were, whether viewers found anything offensive about the messaging, and whether viewers came away with a positive impression of the brand. They also tested for consumer awareness of specific celebrity spokespeople.

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