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When thinking about how to build software, many developers and businesses focus on software architecture. They consider the components necessary to make the software package work as a whole. Frequently, there are services, clients, interfaces, and data requests that all need defining to create the perfect, scalable architecture. However, there’s another type of architecture that can impact businesses: infrastructure architecture. This architecture type is equally important to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Let’s explore what this is and how infrastructure architecture can help your business excel!

What Is Infrastructure Architecture?

As the name implies, this type of architecture concerns the technological infrastructure that your business relies on for day-to-day operations. Your infrastructure architecture refers to the computers, networks, switches, routers, servers, and everything else that your company uses to get things done.

When designing custom software for your business, infrastructure can matter significantly. Consider, for example, a company that handles editing lots of 4K videos. The infrastructure that this business needs will be much different than a company that manufactures keychains. Editing 4K video is very data-intensive and will require a fast network to handle sharing and processing 4K videos. The servers that do this type of processing might need to be on-premise instead of in the cloud.

Conversely, the company that manufactures keychains might keep its infrastructure as light as possible. A cloud accounting solution, inventory management, and more might be perfect. The network topology will likely be as simple as possible, and the clients will be as minimal as possible to prevent problems.

Software and Infrastructure Are Related

When designing software, the hardware it runs on and the strength of the underlying infrastructure are vital to understand before development starts. A point-of-sale solution, for example, is useless without the technology needed to swipe credit cards, read chips in cards, and accept tap-to-pay electronic cards.

Of course, in today’s world, it’s not just on-premise infrastructure that matters. Cloud infrastructure is essential for most solutions now. What load balancers, servers, virtual networks, IP addresses, etc., are necessary for a cloud solution is all part of infrastructure architecture.

Infrastructure typically costs money. Whether it’s physical hardware or cloud services, choosing the proper infrastructure is essential for the smooth operation of your business. Therefore, it’s crucial to figure out the best infrastructure for your business when designing software solutions. You’ll want infrastructure tailored to your company that offers the best ROI per dollar spent. It needs to scale appropriately while being cost-efficient.

Infrastructure Is Often as Important as the Software Itself

Infrastructure architecture refers to the technology that powers a business. From the computers employees use, to the network hardware, to the cloud topology a solution uses, figuring out the right platforms and hardware solutions is vital. Software the runs on incorrect or underpowered infrastructure will not operate at peak efficiency. Similarly, an overpowered infrastructure will waste money and resources.

At INVID Group, we have experience building solutions for companies of all sizes. From small companies that can benefit mainly from the cloud to large enterprises with thousands of employees, we have experience developing the infrastructure and software necessary to make the workplace more productive! If you’re interested in custom software, please contact us.

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