What makes Radixweb the Trending Workplace?

Workplace is our home away from home, where we spend most of the day’s awakening hour. Human resources professionals, like everyone else, are working in an uncertain world about how to best manage, engage, and care for its people. Employees and leaders at all levels of firms face many challenges and stressors to simplify and ensure that their workforces are contented while working.

While working – in the midst of a global epidemic is typically tricky, there is one silver lining from the standpoint of employees and human resources: Everyone is on the same playing field. This allows us to concentrate on what is meaningful and essential for better work experiences.

Recently Radixweb received prominent recognition of ‘Great Place to Work’ – in the large-scale companies category. Watch this short video, where our people speak and share their work experience with Radixweb.

Radixweb, as a company, is constantly working on enhancing the culture and nurturing more diverse workforces. Being 21+ years in the industry, we understand the best practice to support our workforce during both best of times and the worst.

Valuing Our People and Culture

“Smart desk, people’s comfort, flexible work culture and security make us unique from other traditional workplaces. We always try to see what’s the best we can offer to our people so that they can be happy and satisfied while working”, says Mr. Divyesh Patel, CEO at Radixweb. “Ensuring that your people get maximum benefit will make your business reach desired heights.”

Candidates are looking for opportunities where they can combine their personal convictions with the company’s and collaborate on a shared vision of purpose and success. Leaders must rethink how they shape and establish a culture that connects people around a common cause as they struggle to recruit top candidates and retain staff. A great culture is all about ensuring that the organization’s vision, purpose, and goals are consistently in sync. At Radixweb, it’s always a people-first approach.

Having a value-based organizational culture is critical to the organization’s success. For any company, the most valuable assets are its people. One of the essential ways we can alter an organization is to create an environment that values its team members.

Things That Matter the Most

Strong principles attract like-minded people; therefore, at Radixweb, we communicate our company’s beliefs early in the recruiting and hiring process. Ideally, a company’s values should be reflected in its employer branding, and they should also be a key component of your interviewing and selection process.

Many candidates learn about our principles and culture at Radixweb through a smooth and interactive onboarding process, several networking events, and online videos. During the initial interviews in our employment process, we usually have more profound two-way value discovery sessions.

“People nowadays have great expectations from their employer, and these expectations go far beyond a paycheck”, says Mr. Pratik Mistry, Vice President – Sales at Radixweb. “Today, experienced and young professionals want to know how they are contributing to the success of their organizations. While each company’s culture is distinct, the amount to which people are empowered to be engaged, respected, and heard is at the heart of what allows a culture to thrive. This is when the role of leadership comes into play.”

Putting some of the ability to influence culture back into the hands of employees is one way for executives to show that they’re taking action. At Radixweb, for example, we encourage our people to speak up when they disagree with a company’s conduct or to take on additional responsibilities.

Creating a Workplace for Better Experiences

Workplace for Better Experience

“Starting from the safer working environment to ensuring better work-life balance at Radixweb, we believe it’s not just about the fancy perks, but it’s more about how our people feel while working,” says Mr. Dharmesh Acharya, COO. “We know if our team members are happy, their efficiency will automatically be enhanced.”

Any modern business has to deal with the issue of diversity. But hiring people of various nationalities, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations isn’t enough; every candidate who joins the organization must feel genuinely welcomed, protected, and free to be themselves in the workplace.

For good reasons, cultural inclusiveness has risen to the top of many organizations’ HR agendas. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace empowers workforces to be truly themselves and showcase their creativity.

Apart from this, for better work experience, relevant learning and development programs are organized at Radixweb to foster every individual’s growth. Our brand-new corporate office is equipped with best-in-class amenities that support every workforce’s needs.

We recognize the possibilities of technology since we work in the tech industry. Individualized experiences can be created depending on how workforces behave and what are things required to feel connected and productive.

From recruiting and onboarding to leadership development and succession planning, our team strives to optimize processes by removing manual activities and consolidating data across numerous systems to offer more efficient, engaging experiences.

If you are looking to learn, grow and enjoy – then come, join our fantastic team and best workplace. Check our current openings.

“Your people define your organization.”

Abhishek is a listener who speaks less and writes more. You will find him researching stuff related to technology and custom software development. If given a choice, he will choose Pizza over anything. He’s connected with Radixweb and loves curating content and marketing campaigns. He has stage fear thus prefers “Stealth-mode” conversation.
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